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    Vavoom 1.8


    Janis Legzdinsh has sent word of a new version of Vavoom on the one-year anniversary of the project. The biggest new feature from this version is the inclusion of the light engine from Quake, with some added enhancements such as colored lighting.

    Note: The download pages over at Mindless Games & Entertainment seem to be broken, so you can\'t actually download Vavoom at the moment. Oh well.

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    I'd love to use vavoom and support its editing features, but somehow every single version I have tried crashes on me (win32). I hope this one will be different?

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    No offense Aard, but your computer just seems to be having problems with doom ports in general. Vavoom, zdgl, zdoom...

    What do you have, a k6-2 with a glide 3d card running windows me? heh

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    I love 3D-accelerated doom ports. Mark me if I'm wrong here, but aren't Vavoom's special feature implementations (3D floors, slopes, the like) proprietary? (I.E. not compatible with other ports' implementations) If so, then, well, people need to start making Vavoom maps. ^_^ Vavoom is kewl.

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    Guest Kinoshkana



    (1) To use anything special, MAKE THE MAP IN HEXEN MODE. Ahem. Yes, Vavoom follows in ZDoom's footsteps, sort of.

    (2) Slopes are triggered by things. One for ceiling, one for floor.

    (3) Get ready for almost Quake-like build times. :-/

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    zdoomgl (and doomgl before it) is the only GL game that crashes on my machine, jdoom & legacy are fine. zdoom runs great as well, as do all other sw ports, but I prefer GL.

    my machine is a tbird900 + GF2... pretty standard nowadays.

    vavoom doesn't run in any mode. Don't say its my machine's fault give the hundreds of GL, D3D and sw engines I have run succesfully on it.

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