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    Vavoom Blurb


    Wondered why there hasn't been news from the Vavoom front recently? Apparantly author Janis Legzdinsh has just come home from an extended stay in the hospital (...eek!). Glad to see he's up and about again! We can expect a new beta version of this client/server Doom / Heretic / Hexen source port sometime "next week".

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    Hmm. Vavoom is a great port. Support for Doom heretic and Hexen in one. Plus C/S.

    To bad it's not the least playable.

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    You have the most ignorant viewpoint on source ports that I have ever heard. Before you put down another source port think twice. That's all I'm going to say.

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    Well it's delayed about 10 seconds with all movement you do. If i press forward it wait 10 seconds before you start to move. The mouse look however is only delayed about 3 seconds. Other people I've talked to can't even play it.

    This is a pity cause I'd like to try it out.

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    Honestly, I had trouble using it - I actually even meet the requirements, and moving was slow, at any resolution - sound doesn't work..

    Vavoom somehow caused my registry to become corrupted and Windows to boot in safe mode and kill some PCI bus & video card drivers!

    Damn crap I'm sick of it... quit fucking up *my* computer!

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