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    Vavoom Is A Track


    NewDoom features an interview of Janis Legzdinish, the man behind Vavoom. The interview, available here, provides interesting information about the source port, including where its name comes from and what Janis plans for the future.

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    I like vavoom, despite the fact that it doesn't work in OpenGL on my computer (I'll find out what's wrong eventually). I do like the dynamic lighting and level design features. Methinks Vavoom will eventually work it's way up to Zdoom status.

    I posted first, bitches!

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    Guest Mizzory


    I think this port will be awesome as soon as VavoomC is out. Vavoom doesn't even start up on my computer, on my other computer it starts up but it's hella slow, then it crashes. On my friends computer it works at a good speed but it still crashes. But it sounds like this guy has the motivation to make this a good port so overtime he'll find a way to make this perfect.

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    Oh for God's sake not another port that only programmers will be able to script... what's the point really?

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    Great . . . now it's "I posted first"

    Let me guess. Now Linguica's going to change that to "This is my peepee"

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    Let me assure you that, as someone who barely understands basic, scripting is nowhere near as hard once you learn the underlying structure of it.

    I am only using ACS (as seen in Hexen and ZDoom) as a basis for this, although things like FraggleScript seem as if they would be about the same.

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