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    Vavoom v1.4 Released


    The beta already had a pure client/server architecture, the full version complements it with in-game joining. That's right: version 1.4 of the Doom / Heretic / Hexen source port Vavoom has been released. Both DOS and Windows binaries plus Linux source are available. So grab it (mirrored at our source port section, of course) and than frag your friends to oblivion!

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    Yay, finally a competitor to csDoom. There may be hope for Doom again!

    Second post (like anyone cares), too.

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    I think it's time for Ling to do what he did to the phrase that involves the word "pants" to "I am retarded" :)

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    Guest Confusion


    Pants? Sorry, must have missed that. Someone fill me in.

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    Guest Captain Spank


    How's Vavoom run? Is going to give csDoom some serious competition?

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    Dont count on this giving csDoom any competition. It's very user-unfriendly and is just infested to the core with killer bugs.

    Its nice that it uses DirectX 7 and all, but I get no sound. Oh well, i didnt get a change to try out client/server. But, thats another story. This port needs to become alot more stable that what it is to rival csDoom with ZDoom support

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    Unfortunately, I agree with NightFang (no, agreeing with NightFang isn't unfortunate). I couldn't get sound working with Vavoom either, and the user interface does suck. I didn't spend much time with it, but I wasn't even able to figure out how to go into High Resolution modes.

    Also, it has wavetable emulation which slows it down a lot. I suspect this might also be one of the reasons for the lack of sound coming from mine or NightFang's copies.

    Using the windows version, I couldn't get the mouse X speed to change. It went horribly slow, I couldn't turn at a decent speed damnit. It's sort of useful to be able to turn at a decent speed if there's a Demon chomping on your back. I'd have to stick with the keyboard.

    There aren't any command line parameters listed in the text file, but I was using a beta. I hope this is fixed now.

    Regardless, I don't enjoy using Vavoom, but I wish it luck with improvements.

    I also didn't try the client/server, but if I can't even get the single player working to my liking, why bother.


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    I thought I was stuck in demo mode, then I realised that it was just doing whatever I wanted it to about six seconds after I pressed the key.


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    i tried both the win version and the dos version.

    in windows i couldn't get sound (though the music sounded better than in most ports), and i couldnt start a game unless i warped to a level (it wouldnt go beyond the title screen). the mouse sensitivity range is too low on the menu, and i was forced to alter the cfg file. movement was a bit choppy, i would say.

    in dos sound worked! ...but music didnt. the dos version runs abnormally fast for some reason. also, fooling around a bit i noticed that imps will kill each other when fighting side by side (they are damaged by, and react to, each other's scratching attacks).

    i havent tried hexen or heretic with it, nor its c/s capability (and as mewse said...)

    i think jump and mouselook (for doom, that is) should be set on/off from the server (i dont think this is so in vavoom) -- full compatibility with the original's gameplay is a must for a port at its 1st stage (then optional shit can be added).

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