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    Janis Legzdinsh has updated the Vavoom page with the news that he has now incorporated MD2 support into Vavoom, although you cannot just copy the ZDoomGL MD2s into the Vavoom directory and expect it to work correctly. He has also started using a Quake-like filesystem, which is described more fully in the Vavoom documentation. For more information and download links to the various builds of the latest Vavoom, which is version 1.9, visit the Vavoom main page.

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    I would like to see .pak files in the Doom Engine. They're a lot like wads but more organized (I.E. different folders rather than lumps separating other lumps)

    As an angry mob burns me at the stake for bringing more Quake nonsense into the untouchable Doom community.

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    I think he was more reffering to the way quake have the files sorted in it's dir.. quake excutables are in the dir and in sub dirs all pak files are placed..very simple to keep clean. Not to mention easy to load.

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    "...has now released V1.9 of Vavoom a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Quake."

    Haven't looked at the source to verify, but that's what is stated.

    A PAK file is essentially just like a WAD - ie, a subdirectory within a file that points to lumps within the file. It just has "bigger names" - like long filenames, this makes it more human readable.

    The subdirectory thing is not really a "quake" thing. That type of structure really goes back to the way program development has been doing same for as long as I remember. And that's a looong time:))

    Haven't looked to see if this is in Vavoom, but the proper way to do it is to have a project file that defines the default directories for whatever the game requires. So a sound directory, level directory, model directory and so on. Then the user can optionally override these if desired.

    And again I'm not the first to think of this:)

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    I still don't understand why coders have to use such bloody complicated scripting language. Why go through all the trouble if only 1% of the DOOM community has the ability to use it?

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    :p They can start by coding me an engine that flips the DOOM universe on it's side so we can walk on the walls and make maps that go only vertically and not horizontally.
    :) :) :)

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    So says the coder who's working on a source port based on concepts and code from the QuakeWorld source.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Anyone remeber the old car racing game "Vroom"? Ahhh the good old Atari days, not to mention ST format, they will be sorely missed. By the way is PC Format still being made (The british version)? That was one of the best general PC magazines ever, with some excellent humor.

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