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    WadC 1.1


    Aardappel sent in the news that he has released version 1.1 of the WadC editor, a map editor which is unique in the fact that you type in a sort of script code to create maps. Anyway, here\'s the copy/paste from the readme file.

    • Doom features:
        - auto texturing (!)
        - zdoom/hexen wad format support, slopes etc.
        - \"world coordinates\" xoff alignment
        - explicit sector assignment
    • UI features:
        - improved mouse editing & preview window
    • language features:
        - eager evaluation of function arguments
        - global variables and objects
        - stacktraces in runtime error messages
        - new math functions: sin/asin
    • distribution features:
        - some more examples / useful include files
        - many small enhancements/fixes
    Aardappel also mentions that he has moved his Doom map pages off of Planetquake and onto his personal page here.

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    I'm very tired..
    Aard: how long would it take to make a cool map in the size of Vrack2 with WadC?... But not as repetetive as vrack 2 though.

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    I hope you understand yourself that is a question with too many "unknown" variables :)

    Being "fast" with wadc involves a couple of things... first of all knowing wadc inside out, and being very good at "abstraction" (i.e. making stuff that occurs twice into a useful macro). Second, it helps having a good set of basic macros for frequently occurring architecture (check out basic.h).

    The cool thing with "prefabs" in wadc as vrack2 uses so extensively, is that in wadc you can think of any way to parametrize them (size, textures, properties), and thus make them less repetitive because every instance can be different. This is impossible with copy & paste.

    I think the "auto-texturing" + "world coordinate" features that were added in 1.1 can really speed things up too, you can simply think of a theme + some conventions and define it well, and from then on just create geometry and never assign a texture again.

    Using wadc to just draw geometry with the mouse and not do much programming is actually faster for simple maps (than say WadED), but has the problem that its hard to make substantial changes to earlier lines. So this only work if you have a very precise plan that is not too complicated. There are some tricks to improve this (like using ! ^).

    It should really write some tutorials on this stuff, but damn, I HATE writing docs.

    Jon: because it only rocks once you know it well... for most people a traditional editor is WAY faster given that they don't want to make the "investment". It's a very long route... I myself am STILL discovering new & better ways to map with it, and I designed the program :)

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    Well, I'm making a map for Legacy, it's supposed to be nonrepetetive as possible, but I think I suck at edeting to much for that. :/ anyway.I was just wondering if it was fast as hell when you do things that got no resembelance at all in a map all over.

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    Guest BlackTerror


    Yeah, this looks like it handles themes well. It'd be great for speedmapping if I could learn to use it ;)

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