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    Wadster Returns


    Bigdog sends word that after a bit of a hiatus the Doom Center Wadster feature has returned. This week's Wadster article features Rex Claussen, creator of the Star Wars TC The Darkest Hour, among others.

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    And exactly why can't I connect to DC!!? Anyone else having probs?

    AND why can't I send e-mails to Doomworld? I can't inform anyone about my update at http://home13.inet.tele.dk/CNH !

    I'm a frustrated young man....

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    Don't worry, your e-mails DO get through to Doomworld. It's just that one of the addresses on the list, fatal@doomworld.com, no longer exists, so it reports an error.

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    Actually, I haven't seen a word from Chris Hansen in quite a long while now, so I would suspect something else is going on.

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    Whenever I try to send an e-mail to any doomworld address, they get thrown right back to me!

    Maybe it's something on my side of the net and not yours.

    And Opulent, good idea there with putting in Flay The Obscene; it really is rather good isn't it! ;-)

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    I have always had the same problems with both Doom Center and Doom world. Thats why I chose Newdoom as my home on the internet, I always got a response when I sent them any news or wads, even when they had all those problems back in the summer.

    On topic, for a change, I enjoyed reading the Rex interview, not least because he is one of the few wadsters who is older than me.

    He does do some great work though. Have they interviewed you yet? (Chris) you made some of my favourite wads.

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    Yes, BigDog has interviewed me. Some time ago though. Thanks for liking my work Mystic, and expect some cool episode 1 stuff from my side when The CH Retro Episode is released (assuming you like Eps. 1 styled levels off course).

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