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    We Live... Again!


    Our missing files have been retrieved from a backup, so Doomworld's download links should be working once again. Rejoice! Needless to say I'm keeping a private backup on my own HD from now on. Hopefully I can get word to my minions in time, before they reach Telefragged HQ...

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    Guest Striker


    Uhhhhhhh would they happen to have goat legs be partially cybernetic and tote rocket launcher arms?

    Or did you send Ling with hissy on a leash?

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    Talking of source ports and Hissy, what happened to Skull Tag? We used to enjoy a new release every couple of weeks.

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    Guest Liam the Bard


    w00t. Now I can look for more heretic ports.

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    I absolutely hate servers... there all fucked up. Look at newdoom, I can't keep my website up a day without it being down the next. Well I'm glad for the good news, I just wish there were Doom III mp3's I could download and burn them on a cd. Anyone know of such?

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