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    Weapons Have A Price


    Korax Mod II, a RPG-oriented Hexen conversion, has been released:

    While keeping the enhancements of the original Korax Mod like 3D acceleration, all-new spells, RPG-like stats and experience points, it also introduces new elements like looting corpses for treasure, buying equipment in shops, new weapons, new spells and a Berserker mode for the Fighter.
    More information, and the mod itself, can be found here.

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    Guest Johnny Magnum


    Go teach Granny to suck eggs!!!!



    couldn't stop myself from saying that, well anyway.....I haven't downloaded the Hexen thing yet, but i'm gonna.

    Oh and get a load of that pic of the day man!!!!

    i got two words for it...


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    I wasn't very fond of it. But lately heretic and hexen have been growing on me. I still don't think they're better than doom though

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    For one thing, one of the best doom themes is medieval (or so I think) and hexen uses it well, and the maps are detailed nicely.

    It's a puzzle game, but there's a little more to it than just hitting a switch to see what it does, then hitting another switch. The puzzles aren't too irritating to figure out, and while you're figuring it out there's plenty of monsters to kill.

    There seems to be considerable action which is pretty fun.
    There's a lot more emphasis on melee weapons than doom ever had, which is good. Do all the weapons have to be distance?

    And of course, DM can be a lot more fun with various items like the porkalator, flechettes, and maulotaurs. And the fact that you can be one of three different characters makes it more interesting in that respect as it adds a little more strategy.

    The only things I don't like about hexen are that the player sprites are all the same colour (which makes it hard to differentiate in DM) and that editing isn't as flexible as doom.

    As for heretic, I liked the first episode, but it's rather dull after that.

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    Actually, editing for Hexen is a whole lot more flexible than Doom and Doom 2 becuase it uses scripts. Instead of a linedef causing a door to open or stairs to raise up, it can only do one thing. With Hexen, you can use scripts to do all sorts of things, like earthquakes, spawning monsters (not simply teleporting existing monsters like Doom), polyobjects, etc.

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    But from a total-conversion point of view, it's harder.
    I can't think of any easy way to turn hexen into, let's just say, Star Wars.

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    Hyena: No. Hexen is VERY irritating to find the switches, and keys.. it really isn't anything more to it.. just a endless hunt for hard to find switches and keys.. and the enemies get killed a long time before you even got close to finding all switches and keys..

    Hexen got good atmosphere though. very nice design.. but the gameflow is terrible.. awful. downright boring.

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    Yeah, right. I got stuck on the first Episode for ages because of a hard to find Switch, put me well off the game, until Korax Mod I came out.

    I would like to see these modifications done to Doom as well, if only Zdoom supported different character classes (hint hint for the second year running)

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