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    wHeretic v0.5a Build 8


    Robin McLeod sent word that he has released v0.5a build 8 of wHeretic. It now has options for 2D and 3D sound volume and 3D attenuation settings, a hopefully better performance of the sound engine and an upgrade from A3D v2.25 to v3.12. The sixth episode is now also available from the menu and there are several bugfixes. As usual, you can get the latest version of this Win32 Heretic port at our source port section.

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    I never knew that there was a sixth episode in Heretic. Actually that sounds a bit familiar.. I must have forgotten about it.

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    The 6th episode is 3 levels. They are hidden bonuses in the Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders package. You can only get to them by typing "ENGAGE 6 1" or -WARP 6 1 at the command prompt. I only noticed those when I was looking at the Heretic.wad in Wintex - clever trick.

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