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    Who Ya Gonna Call


    The Ghostbusters Doom 2 homepage was updated today with some news about the project. The creator wants to release a multiplayer-only version of GBD2 for use with csDoom, but he needs to find a place to host a permanent server for it. Also, there should be a new demo release sometime soon, with some new levels and Dehacked work. Also, in the last update which we missed, there was a new skin pack for download which, according to the page, has skins for Ray, Egon, Peter, Winston, and Slimer.

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    Guest sponge


    FIRST POST BIATCH! Anyway, multiplayer sounds cool. Can't wait for it.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    This is like the only Doom Project I am still looking forward to, I mean the Covert Ops Demo was a bust, Ninja Doom is getting all that crappy 3D Models shit and stuff and Zombie Doom is long dead! Man Doom is dying, plus a new Doom game doesn´t help one bit.

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