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    Why Test?


    Because Why needs testing, damnit. The Why editor homepage has been updated with a new version 1.0 pre-alpha which he warns "can nuke your wads, so be extra careful." You know you're part of the Doom community when someone can talk to you about nuking wads and it sounds completely normal to you. Anyways, why would you WANT to use this new version? Well, for these reasons:

    New features include:

    * undo/redo
    * graphics previewer for all graphics
    * tabbed interface
    * support for arbitrary level names
    * tons of bugfixes, tweaks and new features

    So go check it out.

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    Schneelocke said:

    Sorry for the pun, but... Why?

    Because uh, some stuff involving #zdoom, they kinda took control of it for themselves instead of handing it back to the Doomers after the owner dropped it :-/

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