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    Wild Stuff


    Rick Clark has updated the Mars Base 1 page with the release of the intro map entitled "Activation." One thing to note is that the WAD requires the resource WAD from TeamTNT's "The Return," but you already have that, don't you?

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    Guest Levendis


    Essentially all this level is is Doomguy riding an elevator down to a test lab somewhere on Mars, where he witnesses the (predictable) malfunctioning of an experimental interdimensional portal. When will those UAC types ever learn? Even though there is no action per se, this is still a great level. Rick Clark shows himself to be a master of ACS scripting as he gives us what I believe is the first ever REAL cutscene in Doom. There are also plenty of little touches, such as rotating lights on the ceiling and the use of sliding polyobjects for doors rather than the usual vertical ones. The Return resource wad fits in very well, too. If this is the opening sequence, I can't wait to see the next level...

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Levendis, thank you for your comments. The "cutscene" is rather crude, but I am glad to see it worked the way I was hoping.

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    Guest Rick Clark


    Hm, this comments thingy didn't take my username. It just used Anon. Anyway, thanks Levendis.

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