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    Wild Stuff


    Rick Clark has posted two new tutorials up on his ZDoom Tech page. One tutorial is an in-depth look at the WadAuthor configuration file. The other is a tutorial on how to create multi-map wad files for use with WadAuthor.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Does Rick Clark use Netzero or something? What's that banner ad sticking out over the pic of wintex in one of his tutorials?

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    Guest Opulent


    That's what happens when you surf for internet porn and edit at the same time. That's what's known as "multitasking". My wife caught me "multitasking" one time... check out the banners on this page. http://modernhumorist.com/mh/0004/sponsors/index.cfm erm, and oh yeah, Rick's tutorials _are_ very informative.

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    Guest [Mantra]


    Cool, seeing as though I use wadauthor for all my maps, it's always nice to see rick clark post tutorials on the subject. Thanks Mr. Clark =]

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    Guest Rick Clark


    Thanks for pointing out the picture on my tutorial, Anon. I use Juno's free web and it got caught in the picture when I was doing a quick update online. Thanks for the demo Opulent. I'll put it up on the maps page. Thanks all for the good comments. I'm glad the tuts are helpful.

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