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    Wildman Addeth


    A very short update this time, as Wildman Rick Clark has posted an online Character Generator, as well as an online Dice Roller! For the true mouse potatoes who are too lazy to write up your own characters and roll a pair of dice on your own; this is definitely for you!

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    Who needs dices that have 'NaN' ("Not a Number" I assume) on every side? Perhaps Mr. Clark should test his stuff before he releases it. To me the only dice that works is the D100, but there the probability of getting certain numbers is higher than for getting certain other numbers. (I know, I am very concrete.)
    Could have to do with the fact that the function "dice(low,high)" is crap. ("Math.round doesn't belong there, neither does the "if"-stuff).

    Possible solution without another function (not sure if it works):

    result = 1 + Math.floor( Math.random() * sides )

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    You know it makes me wonder why I even bother with doing this "crap" stuff. As a matter of fact Prohet, I did test it and it works fine on my browser. It does say Requires Internet Explorer. If you are using something else, sorry. If you can do better, have it. Try something constructive for a change.

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    The function is really wrong. Using Math.round gives the lowest value of the intervall (1 in this case) only half the probability to appear than the other numbers, while the probability to get the highest value is much higher.

    I do think, this was a constructive comment.

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    Guest Fanatic


    You wrote: "Perhaps Mr. Clark should test his stuff before he releases it".

    How is that constructive? That's rude and insulting.

    You obviously don't know Rick's work, or else you'd know he puts out quality stuff.

    Something like what you're reporting should have been sent to Rick to work on a solition together, not here in the comments section to make him look like a moron.

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    Okay, I'm sorry.
    I really didn't mean to insult anybody. Perhaps I should have put a *g* after that particular sentence.

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    Let me apologise as well for being quite short in my reply. I am sure I could have responded better. No harm done.

    OK, group hug... :)

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