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    Wildman News


    Rick "Wildman" Clark sends word that his Doom: The Next Chapter RPG has made it into a sidebar of Issue #135 of Computer Games Magazine, the February issue, as previously promised.

    In addition, he has also uploaded a conversion of Doom 2's MAP07 "Dead Simple" to Aardappel's Cube engine. His Cube maps can be found here.

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    Another couple of nice maps.

    Anyone else amazed at just how tiny the map downloads are for this engine?

    The text file for "Map07" is almost as big as the level.

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    Guest Rick Clark


    Aardappel deserves all the credit. I am just playing around. :)

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    Texture/Flat names are not carried explicitly. Sorting/level vis (as described) is done internally. So primarily you have coordinate data with indexed textured references rather than the full names.

    WADs have a lot of overhead just for the directory names. This gives you a lot of freedom, readibility and ability to "package" and recombine. Always tradeoffs in the gaming world.

    It's possible to do some of the same thing with WADs and also to build display info on the fly. E.g. ZDOOM now dynamically builds the blockmap (if it's 0 in length).

    Limitation are mostly for backward compatiblity, but it would be fairly easy to drop the names in all the sidedefs and textures, but to used indexes instead, with a "master" stored with the level. This makes it easier to keep integral level sets with different textures without user setup problems.

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