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    WolfenDoom EX Released


    dejatoo both e-mailed us AND bugged me on IRC that his WolfenDoom multiplayer project, WolfenDoom EX, has been released. Apart from multiplayer sprites, this also includes the weapons from the Jaguar version of Wolfenstein 3D, music from the PC version, and BEX obituaries for ZDoom, among other things.

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    awesome! /me is downloading

    i just hope my zip file isn't corrupted, 6M is a kind of a lot on 56k.

    EDIT: yay, it works :) /me plays

    EDIT2: yay, nice work :) romero and hall would be proud

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    /me quickly does a MAPINFO LUMP for the episodes.

    now he should do this with the noct. missions.

    This is so enjoyable. I get to play wolf3d at a million FPS! :) (thank you 47i)

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    did anyone notice how the swatstika room on E1M4 of wolf3d looks a lot like the swatstika room on E1M4 of doom? it even has the medikit inside of it. i always thought the statstika in command control was just a subtle reference to wolf3d, but i guess it was actually a reference to that particular room.

    and it seems to be impossible for me to kill whatsisname on the first endboss map O_o hitscan weapons go right through him and he doesn't leave a key when he dies.

    BlackFish said:


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    Nice graphics, but some of the DEH stuff is buggy as crap (You have to shoot the feet of Hans and the Hitler Ghosts, Map29 won't finish) etc.

    Should be fun for DM, but otherwise stick to the basic Wolfendoom levels.

    Oh, and by the way, can someone send me the Zdoom Cajunbot CFG files? I don't have them for some reason.
    EDIT: Got the configs, and unfortunately only map01 has deathmatch starts! LAAAME!

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    Okay, this mod has nearly NOTHING different from Laz Rojas' original Boom engine hack (aside from the multiplayer in Map 1 and the Jag weapons). Some things I noticed:

    * Episodes weren't divided (fixed by you guys)
    * Hans (Episode 1 boss) does NOT drop the proper key when dying, making the first episode unbeatable!
    * Secret exit in Map 1 still takes you to Map 2, instead of Map 10 like it should.

    If I had the spare time, I'd hack this up and make it actually WORK. Unfortunately, with my own Doom project in the works (which none of you will even care about, more than likely), I just don't have the time.

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    if you use the mapinfo lump featured above you should be going to those secret levels. you will be forked back to the begginning of the episode.

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