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    WolfenDoom Update!


    Quick, hit the raid siren. WolfenDoom is back, temporarily, but it is back. From the words of the one risen from the dead himself, Laz has come back to fill us in on some WolfenDoom goodness.

    After several months of being too busy with real life to work on any level-making, I have a little free time right now. Not enough to resume work on the remaining episodes of Operation: Rheingold, but enough to work on a re-release of Operation: Arctic Wolf. This new version of Arctic Wolf will include bug fixes, new features, and additional enemies, and it will equal (and in some cases surpass) the technical level of the Rheingold episodes released so far. I expect it to be available sometime next month.
    Sorry for the rush, but I need something to eat.

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    Wolfendoom really kicks ass.. it's like every second update from Laz is a new release, just amazing.

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    That's probably because Laz doesn't say much except "it's almost ready" or "it's ready, get it" on his page.

    /me dings mewse for not calling first post

    Second post!

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    Guest Confusion


    And there are all those fools out there chanting about how one-man projects will never be finished and that only by collaboration can anything ever be done and da de da de da...this project alone can prove this wrong. And ZDoom, of course.

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    This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Laz has easily been the most prolific Doom editor ever, and his work has provided me with untold hours of enjoyment. Thanks Laz, and welcome back.

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