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    WolfenDOOM Update


    For those of you eagerly awaiting this Wolfenstein-themed DOOM modification, here is a snippet sent in by its author...

    Due to the fact that my spare time has dwindled again lately, work on the deluxe version of Operation: Arctic Wolf has slowed down quite a bit. I had hoped to release it by Halloween, but now it's going to be released either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Either way, though, it'll definitely be out before the end of the year.
    Well, it looks like we just might have an extra Christmas present in our hands! Thanks, Laz.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    There are two things I really hated about all the Wolfendoom levels:
    First off is the Machine Gun or the Sturmgewehr. This weapon is a modified Version of the shotgun which fires faster than the original. Now there are two problems with this, firstly the enemies have to have like at least 70 Hitpoints to survive a blast from the gun, making it harder (if not really hard) to kill them with the pistol or chaingun. This just doesn´t feel like Wolfenstein and the action really slows down due to this. The Machine Gun should shoot bullets like the pistol and chaingun but at a slower rate. Oh and it should use the same ammo type. The SS should have around 50 hitpoints and the troopers and officers like 20. This is what I am using in my Wolfenstein TC and it works really well. Secondly the levels were really, really hard. And I mean really hard.
    The graphics are great and stuff but those two points always diminish my experience.
    Other than that keep up the great work Laz!

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