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    X-Doom Site Update


    Jean-François Thibault sends word that he has updated the X-Doom site with some general fix-ups and corrections to the HTML and some images, new information on maps and monsters, and some 36 new screenshots of some of his levels as well.

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    You're still using a perversion of my laser cannon from the Twice Risen pre-releases. I still don't see as much as a small credit line in my or my project's name. I've asked you about this before, and you haven't done anything about it yet, so I'm going to have to ask you to remove the ripped graphics from your project.

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    so sorry,
    i added it on my project work but not on the site,
    let me 24 hours, and the page will be set correctly with the credit.
    so sorry.

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    yes it's true, it's so funny when he bites someone. The small mouth open a huge one. And he make a "CRUNCH" sound.

    My brother was laughing so much when seeing him for the first time. The DeepImp was attacking a normal imp and... too much funny, sorry

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    Errr. The one you say is unknown is from Dark Forces..(iirc) By Lucas Art. as is the one you claim you made #14. Only difference there is that it's not akimbo.

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