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    Xbox Doom 3 Developer Announced


    In a press release today id Software and Activision have confirmed that Vicarious Visions is doing the Xbox port of Doom 3. Vicarious Visions was also involved in the Xbox and Gamecube ports of Jedi Knight 2, among other multi-platform games.

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    fp! Yay for all you console people that can't play Doom 3 on your crappy systems :-P

    Also, I wonder if they'll enhance or remove from the MP aspect of Doom 3...

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    yeah but the xbox doesn't have to run an operating system under it (aside from a minimal win2k kernel) nor any other processes aside from the game, plus consoles are specific hardware, so it's not hard to tweak a game to work on a single platform. xbox is also quite powerful, I don't think it'll have many problems running 640x400 (or whatever TV res is) doom3 with a couple settings cut down

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    If you're going to get a console, get the one with the least PC game counterparts (Gamecube). Those are always the best consoles

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    Game Cube is good, but a little underpowered when compared to the XBOX...

    ...you lack the lighting effects, and hard drive, and a MOD chip! :)

    XBOX should be able to handle DOOM 3 with most features turned on from what I have read from Carmack himself. As for DM features...

    ...cut em'. Who needs DM anyhow, didn't we burn out that idea with Quake 2!?!? (I just had to piss you DM people off) :) Seriously though, I won't be able to use XBOX Live anyhow cause my Box is of course MODed to the teeth.

    I'd of course like to have it on my PeeSea, but seing as I own an ATI Radeon All In Wonder 7200, and really NEED that Video In Out feature, and can't afford the new All In Wonder just to play DOOM 3 on my freaking PC, I think I'll settle with the XBOX version. Besides, I am quite used to the Joypad now, and enjoy kicking back on the couch to play my games as opposed to always hunching over the computer.

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    It's amazing that post by Aca isn't deleted yet. Maybe the mods are still trying to decipher it.

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