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    XDoom Updated


    Udo Munk sent word that he has released an updated version of his Linux / Unix Doom port XDoom and his cross-platform utilities XWadTools over at Walnut Creek. The new version of XDoom contains updated documentation and source comments, working lasers and normal exit switch (...eh?) for XDoomPlus, bug fixes for ACS support and it has been ported to Linux (SuSE 6.3 on Dec Alpha). XWadTools has been graced with an updated version of the D/H/H level editor tkwadcad, integrated Slige build 474 and Deutex v4.4.0, and a fixed endian bug that occurred in the nodebuilder WARM as well as a new utility that can list the content of multiple WADs and improved documentation.

    You can also find XDoom and XWadTools mirrored at our source port section.

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    Guest Daggah


    Damn, forgot to type in my username/password _again_. Bah. :/

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