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    Zan Zan Zen


    I got this email from Edmundo Bordeu, who worked on the famous Batman Doom TC, about his current project:

    I wanted to inform everybody about the ZanZan project, which is a TC forZDOOMGL. In this TC you are one of the gods of a place nothing like Earth,named ZanZan. The plot takes place at your own ancient fortress, where youmust battle against your former slaves.

    ZanZan will be a one level TC (it's not called TC for the number of levels:P), but it will use entirely new monsters, weapons and dehacked. The gamewill be very different from DOOM, (there is a lot of use of melee weaponsand it is concentrated on solo play). Status of the project so far: I havefinished 3 new md2 monsters plus some objects and others, dehacked is 60%done, the map and textures are just starting off.

    Thought I'd just toss that in here so people know what's going on down there in Chile...

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Great! For those of us who have ZdoomGL . . . <P> Yeah, that guy.

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    A lot of us play Doom because our computers can't handle bigger stuff. GL? Oh yea! I heard of that once before, dunno if it exists though.

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    You play Doom because your computer sucks? I play Doom because it is a classic, and i grew up playing it. My new computer (a pentium III) still has a spot on it for Doom, and always will.

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    Guest Elviele


    ALRIGHT!!! kick ass this is gonna be hella cool on my new ATI RAGE LT PRO!!!NOT!!!hehe..

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