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    ZD3K Blurp


    X-Doom sent word that a second version of his project ZD3K is due to be released next Friday, if all's well. It'll have new scrips, sounds, textures and six new maps. He hasn't updated his page accordingly, but I guess you can still find more information there.

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    It's the word Mordeth uses, and I sometimes use, to indicate when a site has a small update which doesn't do much more than announce that the author is alive and well.

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    Guest Firebrandt


    Maybe blurp = blurb

    blurb (blûrb)
    A brief publicity notice, as on a book jacket.

    In this case, err, blurp = lotsa info crammed into a tiny paragraph.
    Why am I actually replying? :P

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    A small Blurp for 3792ko to 9831ko has a small update !
    Wait for the 3rd version that was 40000ko.
    That take big space on my hard drive.!
    [quote]It's not a joke :)[quote]

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