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    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #12 - UAC Ultra


    UAC Ultra is a consistent pack of 11 playable maps that will take you down to the deep depths of Mars (aka hell) to find a top secret UAC base now packed full of pure evil. This quality pack features new textures, a new monster and fantastic new music by very talented Doomers (check Map12 in SP for credits). These are great for an eerie Halloween survival date. 2x Monster Damage is there to make things more interesting with a larger player count.

    • Skill: Ultra Violence
    • PWADs: uacultra.wad
    • Maps: 01-11
    • Lives: 1
    • Players: 25/50
    • Servers: [L@P] & [DUI] NJ
    • When: 8pm GMT Euro - 8pm EDT US
    There's more coop action this Saturday with this week's ZDS #218 as we play through "Codename HYENA: Killer Machine" made by Unholy Software. Just grab the latest ZDaemon version and join in the fun.

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    oh god, the second rotation with -fast monsters and 2x damage was so brutal... also seeing 30 players in the server was jaw-dropping.

    EDIT: yeah, eq was faster... but the credits map was simply hilarious.

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    Lasting 4 hours before we had to move to the US sesh we had 30 players in the server for a long while, 31 being highest (has to be a record!). Despite that it was still very playable and enjoyable: lots of hilarity ensuing due to the brutal settings and traps, and the Map12 shenanigans mentioned above...

    http://i.imgur.com/JLDkI.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/BFU7I.jpg

    Also SR69MM-JC recorded this (no sound hence music substitue):


    Nice going guys, this can never be forgotten. There's still plenty of time to hit the US side of things, get down and have fun. :)

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    sorry for all those who had to endure that endless space trip standing up. UAC Ultra 2's space ship will have more seats.

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    40oz said:

    UAC Ultra 2's space ship will have more seats.

    I hope that it will also have more specific credits. Especially for music.

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