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    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #137 - Slaughterfest 2013 (Part I)


    After playing two packs of slaughterfest-ish maps, I suppose this doesn't need presentation... but I'm going to give it anyways! Slaughterfest consists of pretty short and simple maps with low monster count. Even with only one life, survival is guaranteed with almost no effort, and of course you don't need to take a look for incoming projectiles at spawn before joining! (Irony mode off). See you there!

    Get ZDaemon and join in.

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    Btw, we haven't added map02 cause monsters teleport in pretty slowly, dunno if it is ZD's fault or the settings we used in the server to try this a while back, we will add it at the end of the rotation to check if we can solve it. Also 31 doesn't load at all so it is out until we can track the problem.

    Edit: found a solution for speeding up 02, it is in list again.

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    Might as well add, there is a newer version of the wad that Ribbiks patched up a few months back (removed Archi's maps which were set to be in rush.wad) as well as combining the textures together. Though my mind is a little hazy on this, plus the map02 in your version I believe was fixed here also.
    Here is an upload which I still have

    I know it's probably a little late but hey-ho

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