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    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #16 - Alien Vendetta (Part I)


    Back to earth for the first part of this one: don't let the air conditioning fool you - there's still a heated stench of hell among these parts. We all know the difficulty Alien Vendetta provides. There'll be plenty of interesting moments to witness with 2x Monster Damage active from the start, so expect to see constant high-pressure Dooming with the usual hilarity that ensues.

    • Skill: Ultra Violence
    • PWADs: av
    • Maps: 01-16
    • Lives: 1
    • Players: 50
    • Servers: [L@P] & [DUI] NJ
    • When: 20:00 GMT Euro session / 20:00 EST US session
    There's also a lot happening every week with organized Capture the Flag and Deathmatch games, and even more. Just grab the latest version of ZDaemon and join all the fun!

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    Evolution said:

    We all know the difficulty Alien Vendetta provides.

    Yes, not that much. :)

    dew said:

    more initial reactions

    lols, first two screenshots are outside the playing area.

    I'm getting internet soon at my place, so I'm looking forward to playing online doom again.

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    TimeOfDeath said:

    Yes, not that much. :)

    [/B]Oh well I thought it was pretty hard last time I gave it a blast on UV, survival.

    TimeOfDeath said:

    lols, first two screenshots are outside the playing area.

    What's so bad about that? Memorable scenery right there! :(

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    Whew, that was a most exciting way to burn my afternoon and evening!

    Some pics from it...


    Clutch winning maps is nice, no?


    There was a pretty robust turnout for both the euro and US sessions. 25+ people at one time in each.


    From the euro session I believe. Cybie is getting pro at killing multiple people with a single rocket. I wish I had taken a pic of the one time on map 8 where it got a quad kill.

    Also, hilarious moment...someone named epicfail died and the death message read "epicfail failed". I had a good chuckle with that one.

    Finally, on the 2nd rotation in the euro session, we had -fast and 2x damage running. A few maps in, I decided to start recording for kicks and giggles. Good thing I did because some pretty funny stuff happened.

    Now, the kicker...The exact time of how much I recorded was 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 37 seconds. Hilarious time at first glance.

    However...Maps 6 & 8 alone ate up almost 79 1/2 minutes. That is no lie. We were really getting bombed on those two levels. I don't think we even finished map 8.

    So...I think I'm gonna need to cut out any boring moments there because nobody wants to watch 93 1/2 minutes of video to pick out the funny moments from it :P.

    Don't quite have enough time tonight to get a video uploaded as I need to get to sleep, but rest assured I'll work on this tomorrow and hopefully have something up before the morning is over with.

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    Alrighty, this took my entire morning to get together, but here's a ton of highlights from the 2nd rotation on the Euro session yesterday.


    If there's any desyncs, blame Youtube because it's fine otherwise :P.

    Here's hoping that if we get to do AV Part II soon, that we do map 32 with -fast and 2x damage enabled. I will record that in a heartbeat.

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    dew said:

    awesome stuff, anima. this session was so much fun and dying by trolling monsters.

    Indeed. I'd say the two most hilarious moments from the video would have to be...

    A. That cyber trolling about 22 minutes into the video. That was just plain funny as hell.

    B. Ancalagon saying to dew to speed the map while everyone was failing at map 8, then dew dying like a second afterwards. I had a real good laugh out of that one :P.

    When Alien Vendetta part II occurs for TNS, people will have to mention if there's any particular maps they want to see recorded. Also because I seriously want to record map 26 and 32 with -fast and 2x damage. There might be some good comedic material possible there.

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