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    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #166 - Doom 2 Reloaded


    Hey everyone, it is Doom 2 Reloaded again! Hope to see you on Thursday for more fast-paced TNS action.

    • Skill: Ultra Violence
    • IWAD: doom2 or freedoom070
    • PWADs: d2reload, psxmusic
    • Maps: map01-map16, 31
    • Lives: 1
    • Euro session: 19:00 BST @ [L@P] - Germany, Europe
    • US session: 19:00 EDT @ DUI - New Jersey, USA
    • Date: 16th October 2014
    • More Details...
    Get ZDaemon and join in.

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    This will be a revolutionary session: finally people will see the wad in color and with the right music. :D

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    Also, server logs are being recorded... if anyone is interested in taking a look at them (and doing some session statistics? :P) I suppose I can link the page.

    Example - Animazero's and Eris' deaths in Eternal P2:
    Anima - Death count: 6
    Chaingunner-x1 Cyber-x1 Revenant-x1 Baron-x1 Cacodemon-x1

    Eris - Death count: 12
    Revenant-x1 Mutations-x2 Cyber-x1 Cacodemon-x3 HellKnight-x1
    Train of flags (rofl)-x1 Destructor-x3 Timed out-x8

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    =( It was you who decided to take a ride in the choo choo train! (and Caleb) :P

    Anyways this wad hasn't the space to puke a train :/

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    Hmm, the train was right on time for Eris!

    I can actually join a TNS this Thursday for once. Looking forward to it. :)

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