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    ZDoom Is Turbo


    We really ought to watch the ZDoom pages more closely. I know I'm used to it not being updated, so I haven't bothered to check it in a few weeks. Therefore, we have missed a few updates by Randy Heit; first comes the rudimentary "I am not dead" update, followed by a more substantial report on what is coming for the version after 2.0.47. Doom Connector is plugged, after which Randy hints at making the ZDoom site more visually appealing. There's also some work on the netcode being done, but most importantly there's this:

    Another improvement over 2.0.47 that I've added is that the game is no longer locked at 35 FPS. It will run as fast as your computer can handle. I always thought Doom looked fine at 35 FPS before, but now I see how wrong I was. 200+ FPS makes 35 FPS look like a slide show!

    After this comes a rather strange screenshot, which looks like a mixture of Hexen and Blood being played in ZDoom with the uncapped framerate mentioned above. What this really means is anybody's guess.

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    Darkstalker: Download what? 48.cab isn't available yet.

    UV: Are you asking why Randy didn't mention it or why I didn't?

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    Bloodshedder said:

    UV: Are you asking why Randy didn't mention it or why I didn't?

    More like why *somebody* hasn't. It's been working since 45.cab (as early as I know), but I've not seen anybody use it or talk about it 'round here.

    It works like Transfer_Heights. You can apply multiple light levels to different sections of a sector in order to achieve things like vertical light shading and shadowcasting. Hell, you can even slope their control sectors to have the light slope as well.

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    3d lights are beta essentially

    plus they're a severe pain in the ass to use and they don't affect sprites atm

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    That screenshots kewl! i dunno about you guys, but i'd like to smack a mime from blood with a mace from hexen at 273 frames per second!

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