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    ZDoom Site Down


    Brian Nelson has informed us that the ZDoom site on notgod.com is down currently due to a hard drive failure on the machine that runs notgod.com. The server should be back up and running tonight, and most of the data, including all of the ZDoom pages and files, should be fine.

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    Guest Randy Heit


    I still have stuff here: zdoom.doomworld.com. All the important files are also available from 3ddownloads if you can get in.

    When stuff like this happens, it's good to have a backup site.

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    By the way, Randy, I'm curious about the "whoa" screenshot where you demonstrate increased rendering performance in beta 29. I wonder, how much faster is it compared to beta 28?

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    You've probably been asked a thousand times but I wondered if it is possible to use a key for two functions - like the spacebar for backing up and for the 'use' function?


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