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    ZDoom v1.23 beta7


    Randy Heit announced on the ZDoom forum that he has released a new beta version of the win32 source port ZDoom, which changes "the way sound effects are played". Hopefully this fixes the sound problems people seem to have been having with previous releases. Binaries and source have been mirrored as usual.

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    Guest MegaManX


    When you pick up a green armor, Zdoom shows ... You got a pickup.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I got one problem with this new Zdoom: It doesn't work with ZdoomGL, it crashes on startup. Does this happen to anyone else? Since I am making the ZanZan TC for ZdoomGL this is to worry about, most people will have the latest version of Zdoom. PD Anonymous user: Somos varios los que hablamos español!

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