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    ZDoomGL For Newbies


    I got this in the mailbox today:

    I noticed that its pretty difficult for a newbie to properly setup ZDoomGLwith the 3D models cause the documentation is a bit confusing and I thoughtthat was pretty sad cause it really is very cool, perhaps the coolest way toplay Doom currently. Anyway, I compiled a "newbie friendly" zip file of allthe stuff you need to play ZDoomGL with 3D models so all anyone has to do isplonk the iwads into the iwad subdirectory and they're on their way :)

    Cool stuff! Head over to Clan Warmasters to download the pack, called Doom2000.zip (not associated with the TeamTNT project or never-to-be-made id Software project).

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    Guest mystican


    damnit man, why isnt smmu on that poll .. you monkey! heh. and why dont we have a comments board for each poll, like slashdot. that'd probably be even more interesting than the boards for each news story.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Uh, did anyone notice that this guy's site has a link to place where you can download the full version of Doom? <P>Can you say "illegal"?

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    Guest Daggah


    ...but I'd still like to see ZDoomGL work on my two Voodoo2s.

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