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    Zero Master completes a full 30 level Plutonia run on Nightmare!


    2015 is not finished yet, but it has already been a year filled with amazing speedrunning accomplishments. On June 7, Zero Master finished the entire Plutonia Experiment on Nightmare! difficulty in one sitting, no saves or level restarts, with a final time of 43:57. You can watch the video on YouTube, and the demo file can be downloaded in the accompanying forum thread.

    Until 2002, a few single levels from Plutonia remained undone on Nightmare! Until February this year, not even one single episode (levels 1-10,11-20 or 21-30) from Plutonia had been completed by any speedrunner. Zero Master himself didn't believe the whole run would ever happen. To make the task easier, he invented a whole bunch of new tricks and strategies, carefully planned the run, concentrated on the hardest spots and practiced them, and finally, during the run, meticulously collected all the rockets, cells and power-ups on his way in order to increase his odds of survival. The magnitude of the accomplishment is such that it has bled over into mainstream channels - Kotaku has an article explaining in layman's terms what a feat it is.

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    Plutonia? Nightmare? In one sitting?

    If that's not a doom accomplishment, I don't know what is. Congrats.

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    HOLY SHIT, that's impressive! Here's hoping Zero Master regains control of his mental faculties soon, because 10-to-1 he's still muttering about reanimating chaingunners in a corner somewhere. :P

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    Watched it this morning. Highly recommended. Jaw was on the floor several times indeed. Good job Zero!

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    That is just INSANE. I recently played through on UV for the first time, savescumming all over the place and it was an absolute bear. Kudos to Zero!

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