Get Ready.

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It's been a long time since the last update on this page I'm sorry about the long wait all of the Ninja Doom fans have had to go through. Unfortunately, Ninja Doom is still not ready. The fact of the matter is that with each new improvement made to the doom engine we scrapped what we were doing in a effort to use this new feature in Ninja Doom. Using our own engine, New Weapons, Rendered Movies, and OpenGL are just a few of the changes that have sent us back to the drawing boards.

Once again such a change has occured and Ninja Doom will be using 3d models. This is a big set back as a lot of work has to go into the making of these models. Many other elements are going to be added as well. There might even be a CD release if there is a demand for it.

I honestly believed that Ninja Doom would be released at most 4 weeks from when I put up the teaser banner. That was quite a while ago and a mistake on my part. Another mistake I made was believing that I would be able to juggle college and working on Ninja Doom effectively. This has been a real pain. Also I am working on a personal project outside of the Doom Community which has eaten a lot of my time. I'm working on getting a comic book published, if anyone wants to look at it I'll have some samples up at my personal homepage sometime:

Anthony Beard's Page o' Art

As for Ninja Doom, I've said it before and I'll say it again, it'll be done when it's done.The project is NOT being shut down. The page however is going to be put on hiatus for awhile. So don't expect a lot of updates. When the 3d models are done and everyone is back on their feet I'll throw up some screen shots. So until then, keep on truckin'.

- A.K.A. Kayin

P.S. If you have anymore burning questions not addressed here then drop me an e-mail.