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Well I finally Made a cheats page, I know just about everyone knows IDDQD off by heart, so I've put a little info on some cheats thats you may not know already. To use these cheats you must be in a game and you simply type these codes in on your keyboard at any time during play. You must type them relatively fast for it to register. If you have keys bound to a key used in a cheat code it doesn't effect the correct entry of the code but it does also register as what you bound the key to. So if, like my you use the 'D' key as strafe left, when you use the code 'iddqd' it will put you in god mode and move you to the left three times, so don't stand near a cliff when typing. When there is an X look to the Notes to see what to replace it with. All cheat codes start with 'id' which is the name of the company who made doom "id software".

Cheat Effect Notes
idmusXX Changes the music Replace XX with a number depending on the level number you want the music from, 'mus' is short for music most likely.
idchoppers Gives you the chainsaw Prints the message "Doesn't suck - GM" Dave Taylor: "'Choppers' is a State Programming Contest game that a friend of mine named Guy Maor helped write (-GM). He's a little defensive of it 'cause it wasn't *quite* finished on the release day. Was a cool two-player Rescue Raiders rip-off. He was drunk and talked to me one night, and I thought I'd put it in." from DOOM cheat keys/command line params #3
iddqd God mode (invincible) Dave Taylor and two fellow hackers made up an informal fraternity called Delta-Q-Delta, hence the DQD during their college days. from Kristian Ronge
idkfa Gives all the Keys Weapons and Ammo #doomroom 13-4-00 [05:01] <Linguica> The code IDKFA doesn't stand for "ID's Key and FULL AMMO", but rather, its true meaning is "ID's Killer Fucking Ammo", *IDKFA stands for (ID)Kick Fucking Ass from DOOM cheat keys/command line params #3, According to Dave Taylor it's: "Kick Fucking Ass". :-) from Kristian Ronge 'IDKFA is short for ID Keys Firearms Armor' from Maonth
idfa Gives all the Weapons and Ammo Suprisingly.. IDFA= ID's Full Ammo.. I bet you'd never have guessed :) from Tom Webster 'And IDFA: ID Firearms Armor..' from Maonth
idspispopd No clipping mode (walk through walls) for Doom Stands for 'Smashing Pumpkins into Small Pieces of Putrid Debris' read more about it here Seth Cohn's S.P.I.S.P.O.P.D. from the index page.. "Tired of all the DOOM related posts someone made the comment that all this buzz would not exist if DOOM had a more mundane name like Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris. Within hours this was contracted to SPISPOPD and all hell broke loose."
idclip No clipping mode (walk through walls) for Doom2 A shortened code for the sequel.
idbeholdX The behold menu Replace X with either 'v' to be invincible (more like the Invulnerability Artifact than God mode), 's' for the Berserk Pack, 'i' for the Blur Artifact, 'r' for the Radiation Suit, 'a' for the Auto Map and 'l' for the Light Amplification Visors. *IDBEHOLD is self explainatory, ending with R,I,V,A,L or S (RIVALS!) from DOOM cheat keys/command line params #3
idclevXX Level Warp (Change Level) Replace XX with the episode number and level number eg. idclev 25 for e2m5 in Doom. Replace XX with the level number eg. idclev13 for map13 in Doom2. *IDCLEV stands for (ID)Change LEVel. from DOOM cheat keys/command line params #3
idmypos Player Position Shows your Position Coordinates for when you type in the code doesn't update as you move. Stands for MY POSition. This cheat was put in for operators on any hint line to know exactly where you are in a level, thanks to adamw.
iddt Map Cheat First time you type it the map shows all the areas as if you've been there, the second time it displays an outlined green triangle where every 'thing' is painting in the direction they are facing including the player, the third time is erases what the cheat displayed. The 'dt' in this cheat stands for Dave Taylor, thanks to Arioch.
This page was made by teapot E-mail me for any information about this page.
DOOM is a trademark of id Software. © 1993 id Software, inc.