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Old News: December 98 - January 99

Lost Shoes - January 21, 1999 - Thank you to Josh for pointing out that there were lost souls rather than lost soles.

Not id - January 19, 1999 - Doomnation mentioned this page in their news section but said that id software is looking for people to help me, I don't know if idsoftware would care about a little site like this. Anyway here is what doomnation wrote The Page of Doom, a site were you can find lots of info on the history of doom and id is looking for some people to help out with it. E-mail Richy if you are interested.

I can't spell - January 17, 1999 - I fixed up allot of spelling errors today since I can't spell, so I will be more careful in the future. Also a note English is my fist language. I went away for the weekend and the counter read 4 before I left and when I came back it read 156 I hope this number keeps up. One more thing, I am looking for someone so help me with this site and maybe give me a kick in the arse when I spell something wrong so if you are interested and dedicated send me an E-mail and please make the subject "page help" or something along those lines.

Not Framed - January 12, 1999 - I have changed the format of the page from frames to tables, I hope this looks better and that people without browsers that support frames.

Rejected - January 9, 1999 - We have been rejected again by The email reads.. Needs a lot of work yet, especially as far as design goes. Sorry, good luck with the site.

Updated - January 9, 1999 - It's 3:30am and I am proud to say that I am very close to completing the page, I have done a little something for every page. So um Enjoy!

Historic - January 5, 1999 - I have decided to change things around a bit and focus on the historic side of doom for this page because there are too many Doom pages with basically the same information

New Name - December 28, 1998 - We have a new name now "The Page of Doom" changed from "richy and [mn]'s page of doom, changed for two reasons, one because more it sounds more better and two because [mn] asked to take his name down as he has not does much work here. Also I have made a new title picture and [mn] made a new banner to suit the name. The shareware page is now done and the links page is coming along soon.

More Work - December 27, 1998 - I applied to get to host this site but in the reply email it said Need to do more work with it yet. Good luck! So its off to work we go

Happy - December 26, 1998 - I hope everyone had a marry Christmas yesterday.

Hosting - December 24, 1998 - I just got an E-mail from in reply to my letter if they would host a Doom site, this is what it said...
We would host a Doom site, but it would have to be *really* *really* good.
So I guess we have allot of work to do here :)

Arrow Things - December 24, 1998 - On the side frame you may notice that there are some little blue arrows beside some of the links, they mean that the link is working, this doesn't mean that page its linked to is totally finished though :P If the link doesn't have an arrow next to it, the link doesn't work so don't bother about it :) Also [mn] has made a new banner, feel free to copy and link it to our page.

Doom Movie - December 23, 1998 - Over at found an article saying that Todd McFarlane may be doing a Doom movie, since his movie spawn he would probably do quite well at it too

Banner - December 21, 1998 - I made a banner for the page and [mn] should have a better one coming along tomorrow, I also started on the deathmatch and single/co-op levels page even though I haven't got any levels yet.

Page Updated - December 20, 1998 - Some more links working now, such as: Bad Guys, Weapons, about Doom 2, Doom 2 levels, Doom 2 Cheats, Favorite Doom poll, #doom, and richy and [mn]'s E-mail.

Page Started - December 19, 1998 - Just started the page, only a few links work. Should be done soon.
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