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Old News: February 99 - July 99

Another new E-Mail - April 15, 1999 - I've got a different E-Mail address for some sick sad twisted reason it is now doesn't really matter now one emails me anymore. Also theres a new page about Doom64 (which is Doom for the Nintendo 64)

Contribute - April 4, 1999 - I added a Contribute page so maybe someone will see it and Contribute to this page. I get so sad all alone here no one to talk to.

Quicker linking - March 21, 1999 - If you want to get here extra quicker you can go to it's a re-directing url. I'm working on a Doom 64 page to be added to the games section followed by pages about other console doom games. Also one more link added to the Links page.

Updated links - March 7, 1999 - Added some links to the links page and put them in catagorys, and updated the bad guys page a little because of a mistake with the ss soldier. Also on the Weapons page i said the super shotgun shoots 14 pellets instead of 20, someone email me about this before but i forgot to change it till now, sorry folks. One more thing I put all of the creators pages in one page to make life easyer.

Little Update - March 1, 1999 - Thanks to DOOMGuy for some information on the history of doom page.

Bah - February 27, 1999 - Not much has been happening here, I'm still looking for helpers E-Mail Me pleaseeee!!! and the counter has past 600! horay.

New E-Mail - February 14, 1999 - Just a small note that my email address is now If you really want to drop me a line, and I'm still looking for some little helpers for the page of doom workshop.

We need your help - February 12, 1999 - I'm looking for scans of old computer game magazines with reviews or something abut Doom, so if you have any please email me before you send it, thanks. Also i'm still looking for help on this page, its a lonely life for a doomer without support.

We were gone but we are back - February 9, 1999 - Yesterday this page was missing because of a fault (i'm sure it was greatly missed :P ) and i have sent emails asking for this page to be hosted at other places but no reply from any of them which isn't good, unless 48 hours is longer than a week.

Nobody loves me - February 5, 1999 - It looks like the people who were helping me with this page have left me for another page or something and I'm all alone again, so if you would like help out a bit email me. I need help with the Doom History, Creators, Ultimate Doom and Doom Links pages.

Out of Doom - February 3, 1999 - I havent updated in a while because I ran out of internet time, sorry to everyone, also I fixed up some mistakes on the Bad Guys page.
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