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Old News: August 99 - December 99

More Quiz - December 30, 1999 - It's Been a while since the last update, but I have added a new Quiz which you can all play and enjoy. Also this page is one year old now, it actually started on December 19, 1998. Happy birthday to me.

Beta than Alpha - October 2, 1999 - Another new page called Alpha & Beta Which is all about the Alpha and Beta versions of Doom I have played. Also I have got most of the links I've been sent on the Links page.

More Links - September 25, 1999 - I got some more Links but I have to say that I only want link for sites that are Doom related thanks. Also a special thanks to DooMWiz for his big list of links which I haven't finished going through yet.

Got Some Links - September 23, 1999 - I got some links from some people and i put them in the Links page.

Would Like Links - September 22, 1999 - I added 1 link to the links section, if there is anyone else who would like a their link there please email me.

Email Again - September 17, 1999 - I have yet another new email address since the other one doesn't work anymore its now

64 Creators - September 12, 1999 - Did a big update on the Doom 64 I added a list of everyone who helped make it and wrote a about how its different from other Doom games. I also re wrote the Creators page, adding the people I missed and writing what each person did.

Ammo Items - September 9, 1999 - Two new pages Ammo about ammo and Items which is all about ammo, I mean items. I also updated the Weapons page with some info about the Chainsaw I'm not 100% sure if its correct email me if you know.

Ultimate Story - August 29, 1999 - I updated the Ultimate Doom page with the full story from the instruction manual.

Doom is lost - August 22, 1999 - monfriez has sent his page about Doom: The Lost Episodes You will notice that his page doesn't have my bad spelling and grammar. I fixed up some spelling on the SNES Doom page, with some help from Matt. Thanks to everyone for help.

Quiz and SNES - August 21, 1999 - I fixed up a few questions in the quiz, and added some information to the SNES doom page. Thanks to Gokuma, Teppic8, and The Pilot for help.

Test your smarts - August 18, 1999 - I made a little Doom Quiz in javascript, I don't really like Java but it's the only thing I could find to do it. If you can help me make it better email me I might have a new quiz every month or something.

Html Woops - August 16, 1999 - If you were here yesterday you would have seen that all the pages where one line more down from the top that normal, I just fixed it up.

Master Doom - August 15, 1999 - There is a new section about Commercial map sets someone emailed me and asked if i was going to do a section on them so I did, I moved the section about Master Levels from the Doom2 page to its own page and added a bit more information, monfriez, the guy who emailed me will probably make a page about DOOM: THE LOST EPISODES soon, keep an eye out about that. I also did little updates all around the pages.

Mr Fixit - August 10, 1999 - Fixed up some things with the Contribute, Doom History and Creators pages. Also I moved some of the news on this page to old news, but I call it old news when it isn't NEWs anymore, I should call it olds but that just sounds weird. Oh yeah and said something about my atari Doom page, which made me happy so i did a dance.

Atari Doom - August 7, 1999 - The new Atari 2600 Doom page is up with a little info about the hoax and some links to other sites.

Hey I'm Back - August 6, 1999 - I've been away forever (4 months) but I thought I'd do a little more on this page by putting in a page about Super Nintendo Doom I also fixed a few things on the Doom 64 page. If you want to Email me for some reason send it too for some reason each new email address I get doesn't work after a while.
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