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Old News: Old News: January 00 - December 00

Five buildings of id - December 28, 2000 - adamw emailed me with information about the cheat 'idmypos' which was put in for help line operators so they know exactly where you are in a level. There are five black buildings in map13 that are like the id software building, though none of them have a big white entrance like the actual building. Probably the closest one is the one with the red key door, which I used for the new Earth page. I will upload a picture of the actual id building as soon as I get my scanner working, and I am going to put a map where the actual building is there as soon as I get one.

Shoot the Anthology while Dave Taylor is cheating on Earth and Hell with the patch in a world of Doom - December 27, 2000 - One new page that I only finished today, the id Anthology page all about that big box of id games. Also I updated the Weapons page with reload times and the key you press to use each weapon. After I got an email from Arioch I updated the Cheat page to fix up the 'iddt' thing, its Dave Taylor! Thanks Arioch who also told me where the 3rd and 4th episodes of Doom/Ultimate Doom take place, so the Earth and Hell pages should be up soon (can anyone tell me which black building in Doom2 is meant to be id software's black glass building in real life). There has been allot going on at this page today, fod has just sent me the patch for the Doom 2 v1.666 dated 94/08/25, its over at the Doom 2 page, Maonth tells me that 'IDKFA is short for ID Keys Firearms Armor and IDFA: ID Firearms Armor..' which sounds about right. Oh and it looks like might host the site soon Yippie!

The Place to Cheat - December 24, 2000 - Four new pages up about places you visit in Doom, Mars, Phobos, Deimos and a Cheat page. The place pages have information about the real life places and how the story in Doom uses them. The Cheat page has all the cheat codes for Doom and Doom2 with a little info about them. Have a great Christmas everyone, I'll work on the rest of the places including earth, in Doom 2, one of the moons of Jupiter in Final Doom (which one I don't know yet) and maybe Hell from Original Doom. If anyone knows where the 4th episode from Ultimate Doom "Inferno" takes place and/or what the 'dt' in the code 'iddt' stands for please tell me. thanks

Loss of Freak - December 17, 2000 - The server is down and they tell me they are moving to a different server shortly in the meantime I have put the site back on my ISP's site. I hope its not too slow to load. Also Pedifer told me about another sighting in the forums.

More Dooms - November 9, 2000 - There are four more pages up, about Jaguar Doom, 3DO Doom, 32X Doom, Saturn Doom. Special thanks to, RjM, Andy Welburn, Gregory D. George, mathu, and everyone at Sega Saturn Game Covers.

90% - October 27, 2000 - As usual I have made a mistake on the Doom Quiz, thanks to Excalibur_Z, Mattrim., Vegeta, Adam Hegyi and everyone else at the Doomworld news forums. I also removed the information from the PSX Doom page because I stole it from ledmeister's page. My apology's to ledmeister and to anyone else who I have stolen from in the past. E-mail me with any comments you like.

Doom Music - October 25, 2000 - There is now a page about the Doom soundtrack Doom Music which is a collection of enhanced music from Doom and Doom 2. I also took out the information from the Ultimate Doom about the original Doom and put it in its own page with a bit more info.

Quiz 3 etc - October 24, 2000 - Today I made a new Quiz, with a slightly different layout, but unfortunately it is still in java, head over to the new Doom Quiz page where I have put them in order of date, which I'm sure will be invaluable use to everyone. I got a bunch of Links, and a new FAQs section. I also fixed some spelling mistakes too. I also updated the Sightings section a while ago and I don't think i said it here, enjoy!

I'm seeing Doom here - October 23, 2000 - Well we reached 7000, it was actually 7199 when I checked. The forum is back up and I added a new section to it called The Page of Doom (web site), where you can give me ideas for this actual site your reading, isn't that great! and I renamed the other section to Doom General, which has the same stuff, and some people are actually writing on it now!

Forum Boredom 7000 - October 21, 2000 - Well we reached 7000, it was actually 7199 when I checked. The forum is back up and I added a new section to it called The Page of Doom (web site), where you can give me ideas for this actual site your reading, isn't that great! and I renamed the other section to Doom General, which has the same stuff, and some people are actually writing on it now!

Tri Doom - September 25, 2000 - Just a few more articles and stuff on the Doom 3 page. I really need some more things there.

No Forum - September 11, 2000 - The forum has disappeared for some reason I guess no one used it, I actually only saw one message on there, so I think I'll take it down in a few days.

Doom 3 - September 2, 2000 - Well everyone out there should know that Doom 3 is being made. So I decided to make a Doom 3 page. There are just a few articles because I haven't had much time, but if you find something or make something that should or could be there just send me an E-Mail with the info, thanks

Doom Sighted - July 16, 2000 - Ken Paynter has given me some more sightings of Doom in other media, so I added it to the page Sightings. Thanks Ken.

Doom Sight - July 9, 2000 - Another new page called Sightings which is about Doom in other places, written by monfriez. monfriez is also working hard on the Characters page so email him and wish him well.

Six Thousand - July 1, 2000 - The site has reached 6000 hits horay, thanks to everyone who keeps coming here and so on. My forum hasn't been a great success, only 1 message oh well, have fun. I might put a new quiz up soon.

Research - April 23, 2000 - Someone emailed me today and told me I was using information from their site without asking, I wont name names but just about everything on this site I have taken from somewhere. So I'll be laying low for a while till things settle down and I can clear my head. Don't forget to E-Mail me or write something in the Forum. Also thanks to doomworld for posting news about this site.

New Home Part 2 - April 20, 2000 - I have moved the site again to apparently they have a fast site and my ISP's is quite slow, hopefully Page of Doom will remain here for a while.

New Home - April 19, 2000 - I have moved the entire site over to my ISP's site because I was sick of fortunecity. I hope it's better on your end too. I have also changed the title and background a bit (the background might looks strange on resolutions higher than 1600x1200), why don't you E-Mail me or write something in the Forum

Parameters and Doom 95 - April 19, 2000 - I did two new pages Doom 95 about the Windows Doom Launcher thing and Parameters about the command line parameters that you can use when running Doom, I also finally found about the html code <pre> and have used it in the Parameters page if that is important to anyone :) .

Forum - April 17, 2000 - I added a Forum to the page, it looks a bit weird cause its one of those free ones and isn't on the same site as this page, feel free to bag this site in anyway on the forum. I made the Links page a bit easier to navigate by adding those <A NAME="link"> type links. I change my nick to teapot cause I got sick of welty and got rid of some old news from this page.

PSX Doom - April 13, 2000 - New page PSX Doom all about the Sony Playstation version of Doom. It should be a fun read. But there the title graphic on the page is the same as the one for the Ultimate Doom page, if anyone has a title graphic specifically for the PSX Doom please E-Mail it to me so I can make the page look better. I also made the background a little darker so its easier to read

5000 lost souls - April 7, 2000 - Its been a while since I've done anything here, and I was wondering if anyone out there has some ideas to make the page better of any articles they could write for this page, if you do please E-Mail me and tell me what you have, thanks. Also we have reached 5000 hits horay.

No Maximum Anthology - February 9, 2000 - Did you know id Anthology includes 'Master Levels for Doom 2' but does not contain 'Maximum Doom' Unlike if you were to buy 'Master Levels for Doom 2' by itself.

More Character - January 31, 2000 - Added another Character to the Characters page thanks to Mike Kolorz and he will be hard at work making the rest of the Character profiles for the novels.

Fixed Quiz - January 30, 2000 - Fixed up some mistakes in the Doom Quiz 2 thanks to Mattrim.

Rotting Characters - January 28, 2000 - There is a new page called Characters and its about the Characters in the early stages of Doom and their relationship with Rise of the Triad Characters. It also has Characters from the Doom novels, well only one cause I havent read them myself, but you can always email me if you have more information on the Characters.

Missing Ultimate - January 20, 2000 - The Patch for the Ultimate Doom upgrade has gone astray, if anyone knows where to get it please email me the address.
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