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The /newstuff Chronicles #412

WildWeasel on Polaris - The Gift: While Polaris may not shake the "just another weapon mod" label for some, I feel that it's certainly worth trying, as it could give a very different experience on your megawad of choice. The need to balance coolant-based weapons with regular weapons adds another layer beyond "what weapon am I getting more ammo for?" when deciding which weapon to use for a specific encounter. Personally, I recommend this mod. (more)

ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #47 - The Rebirth

This week we have an awesome megawad from 2003 that has been ran earlier on ZDS once, The Rebirth by Björn Ostmann aka Vader. The wad consists of short-to-medium sized maps with interesting design, gameplay, and themes reminiscent of Doom II. Since the maps are on the shorter side, we'll attempt all of them in one session. 2x Monster Damage will be on from the start to keep it challenging enough for TNS crowds.

  • Maps: All 32!
  • Lives: 1
  • Players: 25/50
  • When: 20:00 BST (15:00 EDT) (Euro session) / 20:00 EDT (01:00 BST) (US session)
We are also pleased to announce that a Team Survival League is about to start. Read more information at the ZDaemon Forums under the Leagues subforum, or at Players of any skill are more than welcome; it's just good fun. Get a partner and get signed up!