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QuakeCon 2012, August 2 - 5

Today is the first day of QuakeCon 2012, and with that comes the usual expectations of what id will be showing off to the public in their three-day gaming festival. It is of course expected to feature some tangible information on their upcoming Doom game. A lot of people are, as usual, expecting the regular keynote address by John Carmack, which is scheduled for this afternoon at 2:30PM (Dallas time). For more in depth information about the different planned happenings through the weekend, see the full schedule.

An official stream is as usual set up for the tournaments in Quake that are being played during the weekend. This year there's three tournaments, Duel Masters, Duel Open and CTF Open. ESReality, CSN and Jeesports have the full scoop on the competetive aspects of QuakeCon 2012. CSN will also be streaming live from the event using their own stream.