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The /newstuff Chronicles #415

lupinx-Kassman on Quake-zone: Welcome to this edition of /doomwarstuff! This dude has had a history of taking wads (from Eric Harris of all people), making minor modifications, and uploading them as his own. With that in mind, it's hard to believe the authenticity of anything he uploads. (more)

Odamex Saturday Nitro #55 - ODACTF1

This is probably the first map pack ever specifically created for Odamex. Odactf1 is an underrated set of maps that feature some highly skilled mappers such as AlexMax, Ralphis, and Toke. This is the first time we have run this wad, so it's an exciting session all around. Join us this Saturday as we dust off this classic.

WAD: Odactf1
Maps: 7 (map01 - map08 excluding map06)
Mode: 8vs8 CTF
Scorelimit: 5
Timelimit: 10
Server: CoffeeNet - MWI1 & DTX1
Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2012 @ 8pm EDT