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Eureka, a Doom Editor

Andrew Apted has made the first public release of his map editor Eureka. This is a Linux-targeted editor originally forked from Yadex, but significantly rewritten since then. Compilation is required, as it is released in source code form only right now. Still being a beta release, I'm sure Andrew would be appreciative of any suggestions for improvement.

Odamex Saturday Nitro #65 - Velocity CTF X Release Party

So maybe it's not the official release party, but it's definitely going to be a party. As a huge fan of the original Velocity wad, it is such a cool and great thing to see this second set end up surpassing the original. I love all of these maps and I honestly haven't heard a bad thing about any of them in the beta tests I've been playing over the past few days. Since we're all so familiar with the original 12 maps, let's put those at the end of the rotation and focus on the new awesome maps!

WAD: veloctfx
Maps: 32 (13-32, 1-12)
Mode: 7v7 CTF
Timelimit: 10
Scorelimit: 5
Server: CoffeeNet - MWI1 & DTX1
Date: Saturday, November 17th, 2012 @ 8pm EDT

IDL Winter 2013 Sign-ups Open

The International Doom League has opened sign-ups for their Winter 2013 season. The Winter 2013 season is the league's 13th season of play and will be the second full season to be played using the multiplayer source port Odamex. In addition to making sign-ups more accessible for newcomers, the IDL has instituted a number of new changes to gameplay rules, scheduling, and playoff format. The IDL is Doom's premiere outlet for competitive play. Visit their forums to sign up or find more info on the current season. For more direct contact and a chance to participate in daily organized CTF games, you can visit the league's IRC channel at #idl.