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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #69 - Survive In Hell (Part I)

Here we go again with another TNS, folks. After having that classic Doom 1 experience last week, we think it's time for something more difficult; in particular, something more... Hell Revealed-ish. We are playing this 32-level megawad designed by JC, a French Doomer, that is based on skirmish HR-style gameplay. So join us on Thursday as we try to accomplish our objective: survive in hell.

Skill: Ultra Violence
PWADs: SihR2fix, tskins1e, miekskins-r3, tns69
Maps: 01-16, 31
Lives: 1
Players: 20/50
The Euro session starts at 20:00 GMT (that's 15:00 EST)
The US session starts at 20:00 EST (that's 01:00 GMT)

In other news: if you are a fan of CTF, we are running 32in24-12 this Wednesday. And for lovers of FFA, ZDS is running ZBlood Deathmatch next Saturday. Also, if survival frightens you, FMM is hosting coop wad Foreign Operation on Friday. See you there!