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Doom Turns 19, It's One of "Those" Birthdays

19... many of us don't remember it, some of us aren't even there yet, but regardless Doom finds itself at that age today. It was 19 years ago that a spunky young software company released what would be their second hit and a cornerstone of FPS gaming.


You may have noticed that our recurring feature The Cacowards has not been posted. It turns out our good friend hobbs aka rnemo aka john smitharnooneydooneydo was tasked with managing this sacred tradition. He has unfortunately been scarce on this day of days. There is tale that he appeared on IRC to say he still would have it taken care of, but that was not recent enough to comfort one's worries.

But fear not my FPS fans! There is a plan underway to restore the glory of the Golden Caco. We are not sure when it will arrive, but it will be posted with haste as soon as the materials arrive. Stay tuned!