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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #71 - Doom The Way ID Did: The Lost Episodes (Part I)

Some weeks ago we played DTWID release, but that was a little part of total submissions to the project. The Lost Episodes actually contains 6 episodes full of classic Doom experience that weren't included in main release. So this Thursday we will give the first three episodes a go; bury your SSG and see you there!

Skill: Ultra Violence
PWADs: DTWID-LE, dtwid-le_v10_zdfix, miekskins-r3, tns71
Maps: E1M1-E3M9 (3 episodes)
Lives: 1
Players: 20/50
The Euro session starts at 20:00 GMT (that's 15:00 EST)
The US session starts at 20:00 EST (that's 01:00 GMT)

In other news: ZDS is running Merry XXXmas this Saturday: Xnoob deathmach + some icy Xmas style. Grab the latest ZDaemon here.