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ScoreDoom Update - ScoreDoomST Servers Up for Boss Rush

Both GZScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST bonus packs have been updated to improve Boss Rush. ScoreDoomST servers are now more stable while running Boss Rush, and Boss Rush is bigger and more challenging. Two ScoreDoomST servers are up and running over the holidays, so if you are a fan of co-op/survival, you will enjoy the competitive co-op scoring system in ScoreDoomST. Please post in the Scoredoom forums if you are interested in playing, so times can be coordinated to play, or just hop on a server. You will need to grab the latest version and Bonus Pack from to play. GZScoreDoom has also been updated to support Memorial.wad which is on the Hi Score Server, among other changes. For the complete update, please visit's news blog.