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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #79 - Hellbound Demo

Hellbound is a WIP megawad for limit removing ports by Z86. For the first part, the levels take us through different challenging locations on earth, clearing out the demons. There's a great usage of lighting in these maps that helps deliver a dark, ambient mood that really draws you closer to the game. Make sure to join us this week for some more action once again with the TNS crew!

  • Skill: Ultra-Violence
  • PWADs: hbdemo3, tskins1e, miekskins-r3, tns79
  • Maps: 01-15
  • Lives: 1
  • Players: 25/50
  • Aussie session: 19:00 AEST (UTC+10)
  • Euro session: 19:00 GMT (UTC)
  • US session: 19:00 EST (UTC-5)
For more coop action, check out Friday's Monster Mash this week for Interception. Prefer shooting marines instead? Join ZDS this weekend for some instagib madness. Just grab ZDaemon and join all the fun.