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Bethesda Store Now Open with Doom, Quake Swag

Yesterday Bethesda started a new merchandise store and now offers official T-Shirts from Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein. The selection of merchandise for these three games is currently limited, so it appears that is all they are offering right now. The shop is based in the US, but they do ship worldwide.

Zandronum Mod Byngu Mentioned on Actual Websites

From the "I can't believe this still happens" files, Kotaku and Eurogamer have written about a new Racing Doom mod for Zandronum (formerly Skulltag) called Byngu. A long gameplay video is included on both sites. Modmaker mr fiat offers four classes of "racing cars" and ridiculous fast paced action.

For an easy way to get on a Byngu server, use the included Doomseeker, go to view => server filter and type "byngu" to find an online server with the mod. The mod will download automatically with entry to the server. You can also view more on the Zandronum forums.