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IDL Masterbowl XIII Is Coming

The International Doom League closes its 13th season with the final match this Sunday at 5:30 PM EST (22:30 CET). The game will be broadcast by RottKing & co. at Twitch.

This season's finale will see one of the hottest favourites, the Super Chargers (Ralphis, turSKA, Nautilus, dr.sean) face the shocking playoff surprise, the Berserker Packers (Watermelon, Fluffles, Dragon, Decay). Will Ralph ride into the sunset with yet another MB ring, or will the plucky young upstarts sing about times a-changin'? After a string of shocking results, all the predictions are blowin' in the wind.

The stream will start rolling at 5:15 PM EST, so be there to watch the most anticipated CTF game of this winter live!